As you likely already know, the world is in a fight to eradicate the virus that causes COVID-19 through social distancing. Contact is the primary means the church has to share the love of the gospel message, but the most loving thing we can do right now is to keep our distance. 

  • In leu of a local worship service, we encourage you to participate with Bonners Ferry Adventist Church's live stream services on Facebook and YouTube. Pastor Jason Worf will continue to share messages each week during this time of social distancing. We will resume regular services as quickly as possible, though we are uncertain about when that might be. 
  • All board meetings and events will be postponed, cancelled or moved to a meeting. 
  • Our community food bank will carefully considering steps it can take in order to provide the safest environment for its volunteers and clients.  

These decisions are being made for our best good. Paul said, “I pray that you are prospering in every way and are in good health” (3 John 2, CSB). As church leaders, this is also our prayer for our church congregation.

There are ways that we can still be a church family during this time including: 

  • Supporting the difficult decisions that church leaders are making
  • Contributing regular tithes by mailing your check to: Clark Fork Adventist Church, 700 Pine St, Clark Fork, ID 83811
  • Check on your neighbors — your older neighbors, kids who rely on free lunches, your neighbor who needs help with childcare... 
  • Pray for your church family — send notes and make phone calls. We need each other to stay connected and care for our spiritual needs. 
  • Practice Sabbath — Shutting down normal life activities provides a perfect opportunity for us to rest, refresh, and renew our spiritual lives and our family relationships. Talk with each other, play games, make something, listen to music, worship with each other. 
  • Participate with the live-stream church service on Facebook or YouTube

There is no need for panic, but our diligent proactivity will make a big difference to speed the demise of this crisis. 


Clark Fork Elders

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